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Foundation Awards more than $17,000 in grants for 2013/2014 School Year.
Candler County Education Foundation received many worthy grant applications for the 2013/2014 school year. Among those awarded were $1,000.00 to Metter Middle School for the Lego League, and an additional $1,500.00 awarded to Metter Intermediate School for Lego kits. The Lego learning centers provide a great opportunity for students to learn and then compete with those skills against students in other area schools. A $1,075.00 grant was awarded to Metter High School for students to participate in the Science Olympiad. $1.880.00 was awarded to Metter Intermediate School for purchase of books and travel expenses to participate in the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl. $1,500.00 was awarded to Metter High School to help with the startup cost of a High School Debate Team that begins in the fall of 2014. $1,150.00 was awarded to Metter Intermediate School so students could participate in the StarBase Camp, a stem based learning opportunity. The AR program at Metter Intermediate School received $1,000.00. The new Innovative Learning Center that will be housed in the Pre K-Eighth building was awarded a grant of $4,456.00. This center will offer advanced and unique learning opportunities to students of all ages. There were many other smaller grants awarded that helped Teachers provide fun and educational opportunities that students might not have had without this monetary support.

Graduating Classes Contribute
More Than $6000

Metter Intermediate School Science Fair

Innovative Learning Center, K8 Educational Facility

Our Mission

Our community-based, non-profit organization's mission is to promote and support educationally enriching experiences for girls and boys attending Candler County Schools.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Foundation is to provide a means through which grants and gifts contributed by individuals, businesses, corporations and other resources can be utilized to enhance the educational opportunities in Candler County Public Schools.

Our Goal

Our community-based, non-profit organization's mission is to promote and support educationally enriching experiences for girls and boys attending Candler County Schools.

Our Commitments

  • We commit to operate this Foundation with integrity.
  • We commit to review all applications that meet the criteria.
  • We commit to utilize 100% of the contributions to advance learning experiences for Candler County Public School students.

How contributions will be used

Examples are as follows:
  • Innovative projects to extend learning
  • Artist in residence
  • Special performances
  • Scholastic teams
  • Literary events
  • Equipment

How To Make a Contribution

The Foundation will utilize your gifts to provide valuable experiences for the students in our schools. Please consider any one of these possible methods of contributing:

Cash: Send us a check today in any amount! "In Memory" or "In Honor" Gifts are a great way to honor or remember someone special in your life.

Annual Gift: Set up an annual gift to the Foundation. Call us, and we will show you how easily your wishes can be put in motion.

Payroll Deduction: Many local businesses can deduct your gift from your payroll checks in any amount you designate. Consider contributing a weekly amount to be deducted from your check.

Major Gifts: The Foundation would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you a major gift ($5000 and over) to be used either for general funding of the Foundation's work or for designated areas you specify. Please contact any of our trustees.

Deferred Gifts: The Foundation will be glad to work with your attorney, accountant or financial planner in setting up the appropriate instrument for your Deferred Gifts to the Foundation. Wills, life estates, life insurance and many other opportunities are available.

Grants: The Foundation is always looking for opportunities to apply for Grants that may be available from a number of public or private foundations or organizations. If you know of such an organization, tell us about it, and someone from our organization will happily follow-up on your suggestions.

All gifts to the Candler County Public Schools Foundation are tax deductible as allowed by law. For specific questions about the tax deductibility of your gift, it is recommended that you consult your tax advisor.

The CCPS Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)3 foundation.
Recently Awarded Grants

Eddy Jones and Chuck Clark present a check for $1500.00 to Ms. Jennifer Lewis for the Future Educators of America group conference.

Teachers receive Candler Cash Awards. The gift is in appreciation for their commitment to provide a broader experience for the students of the Candler County School System by pursuing Foundation grants, executing the grant activity and submitting the required documentation upon completion. Funds for this gift come only from the foundationís administrative account. This account's funds are generated through Education Foundation Board Member contributions. All other contributions go directly to finance grant activities. The Education Foundation Board Members gave (8) teachers awards in the form of Candler Cash.
Dr. Nancy Norton presents Teachers Amy Holland and Rebecca Knight with Candler Cash.

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